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Educational Programs

Booking for Spring and Summer 2020!!  Please call (860) 888-5130 for further information or booking a program.

Bday Party Iggy at Bday Sulcatta Chondro Python

Reptiles and Amphibians Program
Harris in Wonderland offers a unique experience that is both exciting and educational for all ages. Reptiles and Amphibians from around the world come to you for an up close and personal encounter. A wide variety of creatures from the dense, lush rainforests to the harsh, arid deserts will be on display while a knowledgeable staff member (Adam, the taller one pictured above) is on hand to tell you about the unique features of each animal that make it perfectly adapted to survival in it’s environment. Ask questions, feel the hard shell of a large land tortoise and learn what it is made out of, touch the scaley skin of a giant snake and learn how it grows, look into the eyes of a red-eyed tree frog and discover why they are red.

Several versions of the program exist and are adaptable to suit your needs. The original formal programs are available for school and library settings to maximize your educational value and experiential learning potential, while a loose format highlights just the right amount of education and fun required for a quality birthday party to remember.

Formal presentations typically last for 1 hour and approximately 20 animals will be on display, each one highlighted individually. Time is usually allotted near the end of the program for question and answer sessions, an opportunity to see the animals close up, touching options of select animals (optional, of course), and even a feeding demo for those that request it. Please call for availability!


Please contact Adam for details on the programs and how you can bring a reptile and amphibian experience to life at your library, school, or party!

BUGS! Alive Program

Get ready to meet some truly unique creatures from the animal world. So many insects are hard at work everyday dutifully performing every job imaginable. It's about time we recognize their efforts and meet some of these interesting spiders, centipedes, millipedes, scorpions, cockroaches, giant stick insects, and other bugs face to face to find out exactly what it is that they are doing out there!

Some local libraries where our programs have been:

Windsor Locks Public Library
Sherman Library
Prosser Library
Burlington Library
Meriden Public Library
Barney Library
Willoughby Wallace Memorial Library
Oliver Wolcott Library
Case Memorial Library
Cromwell Belden Public Library
Booth and Dimock Memorial Library
Willington Library
Welles Turner Memorial Library
Durham Library
Plumb Memorial Library
Cornwall Free Library
Groton Public Library
Canton Public Library

Simsbury Libraries

The Zoo in Forest Park

Welles-Turner Memorial Library

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